Investment Concepts

InvestmentInvestment comes in many facets. All the choices you make in life are actually investments. Do we eat out or stay in and cook, do we visit our parents or go to a concert. Life moves fast and if we don't take the time to think about all our choices today it could adversely affect our future. In today's investment environment there many more options than ever before. We will find the options that are right for you by going through our process, listening to your concerns and making sure you're at ease with the choices we have made.

Our Process will address:

  • What are we trying to accomplish: Through an intense yet structured “Getting to Know You” process, we’ll understand what your financial goals are, and we’ll help you prioritize some of the most pressing short, medium and long-term financial objectives you’d like to accomplish.
  • Where are we today: The next step is to analyze where you are today, in terms of your savings and current investment portfolio. Sometimes, this phase of our review results in actionable steps that can immediately benefit you – like cutting your losses in a sinking investment, or leveraging some profit-harvesting and tax-selling opportunities in highly successful ones.
  • Proposing an investment strategy: With that information in hand, we can draw-up comprehensive personalized investment strategies that will help you reach your financial objectives. This may be accomplished by building upon your existing portfolio, or proposing a set of cost-effective, tax-efficient, age-appropriate, risk-averse investments that are aligned with your personal financial goals.
  • Taking action: Our Investment Planning approach is dynamic, and evolves with your changing circumstances as well as the changing investment environment. We’ll guide and advise you on your plan as you go through life.
  • Monitoring your investments: We’ll monitor and review your investments, plans and strategies in light of changing investment climates.
  • Keeping In Touch: Ours is an ongoing partnership. Throughout our relationship with you, we’ll keep you informed, and communicate as often as necessary with you about proposed changes,opportunities or potential risks for your investments.